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We have implemented a total of 625 projects, 53 of which are research projects and
have collaborated with 121 partners.

Integration & eGovernment

Data and information integration enables the cooperation between public administration and private service providers, which opens up completely new perspectives.

Graph Integration Platform - GIP

Homogeneous traffic network graph for contemporary eGovernment

Road maintenance

Keep an eye on road infrastructure: from as-built documentation over structural and operational road maintenance to calculation support.

Street Life

Research project on life cycle costs of road infrastructure

Emergency response

Effective and efficient measures for crisis managers and executives, because every minute counts in an emergency. Therefore, not only the fastest route to the scene of the emergency is important, but above all uniform routing at the control centre and with the navigation device in the emergency vehicle.

Emergency routing for the Styrian Red Cross

Up-to-date transport network enables reliable emergency routing

Mobility concepts

The call for smart mobility concepts and solutions is getting louder and louder. Particularly in urban areas, traffic is to be relieved or shifted in the direction of public transport, cycling and walking, thus improving the quality of life.


Urban Mobility Laboratory Graz without limits

ITP – Intelligent Truck Parking

Better parking situation for trucks