Emergency routing for the Styrian Red Cross

Einsatzrouting Blaulichteinsatz

Up-to-date transport network enables reliable emergency routing


In rescue missions, only a few minutes might decide between life and death. This makes it all the more problematic if these valuable minutes are already lost on the way to the scene of the emergency. This can happen quite quickly if, for example, the routing used for scheduling in the operations control center does not match the routing of the navigation system in the vehicle. Either this means that the nearest vehicle is not available or, conversely, that the nearest vehicle cannot find the fastest route to the place of emergency.

Uniform routing in the control center and in the vehicle requires two things: uniform algorithms for route calculation and uniform road data as a basis. PRISMA solutions contributes its expertise and products in the field of road data.


The data basis is the Austria-wide data from the graph integration platform GIP. This data is continuously updated by the responsible institutions of public administration, which guarantees a high quality of the data stock. This reliable quality is a basic prerequisite for reliable routing.

With the implemented software, it is also possible for the control centre to process these data in order to correct any errors and report them to the public authorities. In addition, the database can be supplemented with information specific to the deployment routing: from special driving permits for emergency vehicles to routes that are not present in the public GIP data as such. These additions will not be lost even if a new version of the GIP data has to be integrated.

The road data available in the control centre are continuously synchronized with the data in the vehicle. Now the uniform routing algorithms can access the same road data both in the control center and in the vehicle and deliver identical routes as results at any time.


Key data:

Country: Austria (Federal State Styria)

Period: 2017-2018

Project partners: www.trafficon.euwww.infoware.dewww.apus.co.at

Ordering party: Styrian Red Cross