ITP – Intelligent Truck Parking

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Better parking situation for trucks


The sad reality on German motorways and expressways regarding overcrowded parking spaces as well as trucks parked illegally and dangerously at the roadside is to be put to an end.


With ITP, a Europe-wide data service and a booking service for heavy goods vehicles will be tested in order to achieve a more precise utilisation of the available parking spaces. A platform will provide information on available truck parking spaces and occupancy conditions. Navigation services, freight forwarding and logistics systems can obtain this information directly or indirectly (e.g. via the mobility data marketplace MDM). As a specialist in information integration in the transport sector, PRISMA solutions, as part of the project consortium, is responsible for data exchange on the platform.

  • Integration of data sources & evaluation of data availability and quality
  • Algorithm for predicting the availability of parking spaces
  • Booking and payment services
  • Identification of new parking areas
  • Field testing with the Trucker App

Key data:

Country: Germany
Period: 10/2017 - running (03/2020)
Project partners: Fraunhofer IML, Materna, TraffGo Road, Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences (HfWU), Emons
Client: BMVI Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure DE