Street Life

StreetLIFE KostenInfrastruktur

Research project on life cycle costs of road infrastructure


Budgets for road maintenance are generally tight and good financial planning and optimization are required! For this reason, a corresponding FFG research project was launched as part of the "Mobility of the Future" programme. The aim was to find a forecasting model that takes into account all major cost types such as procurement, operation and maintenance as well as the most varied types of road equipment and yet remains easy to use.


In the Street Life project, life cycle costs and influencing parameters such as size, installation, maintenance and road equipment were presented and a model for forecasting and optimization was developed. Together with partners the Street Life prototype was developed, whichnot only evaluates the costs for individual life cycle stages, but also supports the derivation of suitable measures for operational road maintenance.

It explicitly focused on the special requirements of the state and municipal road network. These requirements were introduced by representative public users from the state and municipal administration, who were directly involved in the project. The model was integrated into a prototype software solution, which was then evaluated by the involved experts. 

In addition to project coordination, requirements analysis and development of the Street Life prototype, we took care of the data management (e.g. integration of external data sources) in order to provide long-term data management in the field of road equipment.

With Street Life, a further important step towards "mobility of the future "*) will be taken, as the quality and availability of transport infrastructure will improve significantly while at the same time reducing the consumption of energy and resources.

Key data:

Country: Austria
Period: 2016-2018
Project partners: Institute for Industrial EcologyWieser Verkehrssicherheit GmbH, the Office of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria (Road group, Road Operations department) and the Tennengau Regional Association.
Client: Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (FFG project)

* Title of the BMVIT funding programme within the framework of which this project was implemented