A planning tool for environmentally sensitive traffic management

Effective strategies for emission-, traffic- and safety-hotspots in Stuttgart

The state capital Stuttgart is severely affected by the negative consequences of traffic, even more due to the high volume of through traffic and its low-windy situation. The city wants to overcome those disadvantages and has set itself the goal of promoting a steady flow of traffic through intelligent traffic management, thereby preventing emissions and immissions.

As part of the “Digital Traffic Flow Optimization” project, we support the Integrated Traffic Control Center (IVLZ) in complementing municipal traffic management with an environmentally sensitive aspect: vehicle, traffic and environmental data are intelligently connected and processed. By that, driving conditions critical to emissions and safety can be recorded, represented as hot spots and traffic stabilization can be achieved by setting appropriate strategies.

The needed solution components for strategic planning are based on TRAFF-X ©, our modular system for cooperative traffic management, and are used to record and publish traffic management strategies, simulate the traffic effects of measures and manage traffic counting points and data.

In this innovative project, PRISMA Germany cooperates with three partners: GEVAS software and SSP Consult in Munich, and Trafficon in Salzburg.