Our vision

When we founded PRISMA in the year of 1999 we were inspired by the vision to change the world. We knew from the beginning that the realisation of this vision would have to involve innovative GIS projects and professional management. And this still holds true today.

Even though over the years, PRISMA solutions has grown into a company established on the market, we haven't lost our pioneering spirit and dynamism of that time. On the contrary: it is one of our principles to maintain the flexibility of our solutions while at the same time maintaining stability and continuity of the long term product strategy. And we succeed.

Today as then innovation is our greatest motivator. We understand that you can only stay in the lead, if you strive for constant innovation without endangering existing assets. This determination to get things accomplished is true for all employees alike. But commitment on its own would not be enough. We attach importance to excellent qualifications and offer possibilities for comprehensive further training as well as personal development. Because finally it is the combination of high level professional expertise and great social skills that distinguishes a member of the PRISMA team.

We aim to offer our employees an inspiring work environment: an open and easy-going working atmosphere, flat hierarchies, short ways of communication and decision-making, flexible working hours, as well as common activities outside of work. And we also have a commitment in other areas such as the environment or social sector. As an enterprise we are also willing to assume responsibility in these fields.

If we had to summarise PRISMA in one sentence, we would express it like this:
A highly motivated team is at your disposal, which intends to solve present problems in a sustainable way by using experiences of the past in a future-oriented way.

For us solving problems above all means building bridges:
True to the motto “bridging the gap” we connect different technical disciplines, public administration with its citizens, technicians with non-technicians, different cultures, but finally always people with other people. This is what our customers from many different countries appreciate. And for us it is inspiring to see how we are changing the world a little bit with our work – just as we had always intended to.

Stefan Kollarits & Nik Widmann

Managing Directors

nik widmann web

Dipl.-Ing. Nik Widmann


+43 660 866 55 12


stefan kollarits web

Mag. Dr. Stefan Kollarits

Austria & Germany

+43 660 866 55 13


florianH web

Dipl.-Ing. Florian Hilti


+49 159 0444 3365



andras web

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Bodi

joined the team 2020

+43 660 866 55 17


andreasb web

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Braun

joined the team 2010

+43 660 866 55 44


ulli web

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrike Brocza

joined the team 2014

+43 660 866 55 19


conni web

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Cornelia Cordes

joined the team 2002

+43 660 866 55 61


Cornelia web

Dipl.-Ing. Cornelia Draxler

joined the team 2003

+43 660 866 55 18


IMG 8429 web

Felix Geisberger

joined the team 2019

+43 660 866 55 52


mg portrait 3

Martina Gottschalk B.Sc.

joined the team 2021

+49 163 7733 177


timo web

Timo Gröning

joined the team 2022

+49 176 156 17 933


elisabeth jarusel web

Dipl.-Ing. Elisabeth Jarusel

joined the team 2013

+49 159 0444 3364


hansi web

Dipl.-Ing. Johann Jessenk MBA

joined the team 2018

+43 660 866 55 26


claudia.kollarits grubinger portrait

Mag. Claudia Kollarits-Grubinger zPM

joined the team 2001

+43 660 866 55 14


floK web

Florian Kuster BSc

joined the team 2012

+43 660 866 55 40


vladimir maglic web

Dipl.-Ing. Vladimir Maglic BSc

joined the team 2017

+43 660 866 55 48


simon nyga web

Simon Nyga M.Sc.

joined the team 2022

+49 176 153 983 89

thomas web

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Piribauer

joined the team 2012

+43 660 866 55 21


IMG 8310 AUSWAHL web

Wolfgang Pruschinski

joined the team 2000

+43 660 866 55 15


alexander web

Alexander Reisinger

joined the team 2017

+43 660 866 55 27


Karim web

DI (FH) Karim Scheik MSc

joined the team 2000

+43 660 866 55 29


kathi web

Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Schneider

currently on leave

+43 660 866 55 34


paul web v3

Paul Schneider MSc

joined the team 2010

+43 660 866 55 45


niklasS web

Niklas Schönböck BSc.

joined the team 2019


gudrun web v2

Mag. Gudrun Schrömmer

joined the team 2007

+43 660 866 55 36


fritz web

Friedrich Seidl MBA

joined the team 2022

+43 660 866 55 47


IMG 8508 web

Martin Steinwender

joined the team 2004

+43 660 866 55 20


michael web

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Uschnigg zPM

joined the team 2000

+43 660 866 55 16


monika web 2

Ing. Monika Walter

joined the team 2010

+43 660 866 55 54


Felix Wernisch

Dipl.-Ing. Felix Wernisch

joined the team 2021

+43 660 86655 33


(C) PRISMA solutions

We attach great importance to a healthy and family-friendly working environment and are the proud  holders of these two Austrian certifications!



Developing competence is a permanent process. To communicate with others in order to keep up with the times is one aspect of this process. We therefore acquire and share our competences in the following associations:





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