Innovative software for co-operative traffic management.

Traffic management with PRISMA TRAFF-X® solutions

TRAFF-X® is a modular solution platform for cooperative traffic management and administration. Designed and implemented by traffic experts: from user interface and business logic to data management.

Supporting in the areas of eGovernment and traffic, TRAFF-X® forms the link between administration,
traffic guidance and commercial navigation systems.

TRAFF-X® is thus an important building block of digitization initiatives in transportation and integrates into SmartCity strategies - for the development of tomorrow's mobility!


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... for any task in traffic management.

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TRAFF-X® and its modules

PRISMA solutions brings decades of experience and expertise in the field of infrastructure and transport. This combination of theory and practice significantly contributes to the success of TRAFF-X®. Thus, TRAFF-X® has grown successively along five areas of application - permanent ordinances and recommendations, incident management, strategy management as well as parking facility management - not least thanks to ongoing feedback from our customers. These task areas are assigned to the process steps of planning, communication, analysis or evaluation in the planning cycle.

In the planning and communication steps within the planning cycle, TRAFF-X® enables cross-connections between the respective areas of application. This is how digital, cooperative traffic management is made easy! Even in seemingly trivial tasks in everyday traffic management, as well as in specialized use cases, the benefits of digital administration and cooperative planning become evident. And: traffic related decisions are always documented and traceable.


First things first!

A solid fundament: the basic application. 


In the basic system, you can spatially visualize the traffic route network and digitally manage it across institutions. With the meta router, you choose the optimal route to your destination - multimodal and according to your transportation preferences. Configure your outlook in the individual dashboard. Automatic re-referencing after changes to the underlying network facilitate updates; individual or standardized interfaces make data exchange convenient.

Modules in the basic application


The areas of application

In the beginning there was the law: permanent ordinances.


By digitally recording traffic orders, you can manage ordinances with their associated markings and traffic signs in the road space, ensuring consistency and legal compliance. The publication of the orders as well as additional information allows information transfer to third parties, whereby your regulations find their way into navigation systems and thus reach road users directly.

Application modules: TRAFF-X.regulations, TRAFF-X.permanent


(No?) Clear course ahead: permanent recommendations.


Priority or recommended routes can be adjusted for specific traffic types: permanently or triggered by a specific situation. You can also set time or space restrictions for defined means of traffic. Publish your recommendations and ensure the flow of information to mobility services and road users.

Application modules:,


Surprises are considered: incident management.


You can create or import, manage and publish planned events easily and quickly. In this way, road works or events taking place in public space are better coordinated and their impact on traffic is minimized. Real-time notifications of these events ensure that information and routing services as well as dispatchers receive up-to-date information.

Application modules: TRAFF-X.coord, TRAFF-X.permit,

Define and publish a construction site (including conflict check)


Provosions, just in case: strategy management.


Record basic conditions as well as traffic problem situations. You compare and evaluate defined scenarios based on measures and can thus define traffic management strategies and their triggers. The consistent collection, visualization and publication of your strategies ensures communication within authorities as well as between experts, to the operator and to traffic system users.

Application modules: TRAFF-X.plan, TRAFF-X.strategy

Generate evaluations and define strategies


Finding without having searched: parking facility management


Knowledge about the utilization of parking space is not only relevant for planning purposes, but also for dynamic traffic management. With the innovative complete solution for parking information, you use refined real-time data for well-founded planning decisions for stationary traffic. In your personalized dashboard view, you always have an overview of current occupancies as well as changes.

Application modules: TRAFF-X.parkinfo


Countering tunnel vision: Add-ons for planning processes


To better understand the effects of measures, to substantiate your decisions and to simulate future effects of measures, you can analyze what effect they have caused or will cause on traffic events. By checking for spatial or temporal conflicts - or even synergies -, collisions between current events or planned traffic policy measures are avoided and additional impairments are minimized.

Application modules: TRAFF-X.impact, TRAFF-X.conflict , TRAFF-X.forecast

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Modules in the TRAFF-X® basic application

Manage the network.

In the basic system, you can spatially visualize the traffic route network and digitally manage it across institutions, as well as record and display relevant additional content.



Navigate multimodal.

By using the meta router function in the basic system, you can find the best route to your destination, reliably and directly. Multimodal and according to your individual priorities.

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Add-ons for neatness and a good outlook



A tool with a view.

In your configurable dashboard, you can individually assemble an overview of your tasks. Image or text tiles that can be freely arranged lead to your TRAFF-X® workspaces, specific data, evaluations or external links.




For a network reference à jour.

The existing objects can be re-referenced after the underlying traffic network has been updated. Depending on the geometric deviation of the new edge, the network reference can be updated automatically or manually.




Use individual or standardized interfaces for comfortable data exchange.

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TRAFF-X® modules allocated to the process node of planning and strategy



Manage traffic arrangements.

Rules set in public street space can be managed. Permanent orders related to the raod network orders can be maintained consistently as well as in compliance with the law.

Manage traffic-related recommendations.

This allows you to adjust priority routes permanently or depending on the situation, and to set time or space restrictions for defined types of traffic.



Co-ordination of events and incidents.

The module serves for spatial and time-related alignment of planned events, such as construction sites or public events, and for identification of conflicts in order to keep traffic impacts as low as possible.



Factsheet TRAFF-X.coord



Approval system.

Process, approve and administer projects in public spaces (construction sites, special use of public space) in an efficient, comprehensive and integrated way.



Factsheet TRAFF-X.permit



Organization and planning of strategies.

Carry out strategy management from situation assessment to planning and implementation of traffic management strategies.



Factsheet TRAFF-X.plan

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TRAFF-X® modules allocated to the process node of communication and publication



Communicate traffic arrangements.

Recorded traffic regulations and additional information can be published published and are thus made available, so that the  information can be taken over by third parties.

Communicate recommendations and restrictions.

Information about priority routes and other set driving recommendations or restrictions are communicated in order to be processed by third parties (such as mobility services).

Incident overview and publication.

Real-time traffic messages are collected and communicated between the responsible authorities and to the road users.






Strategy publication.

Traffic management strategies are collected, presented and communicated. This ensures internal information flow as well as communication  between experts, to the operator and to the road users.



Factsheet TRAFF-X.strategy



Manage available space.

An innovative all-in-one solution for parking information that delivers refined real-time data for planning decisions regarding stationary traffic.

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Add-ons for planning applications within TRAFF-X®



Check projects for conflicts.

Events or planned transport policy measures are checked for conflicts or synergies with other projects. This avoids further disruptions to road traffic due to spatial or temporal collisions.


Conflict check within incident management



Analyze effects on traffic.

The effects of measures after activating a strategy are compared and evaluated. By that, the effect that your traffic management strategies had on the traffic situation can be demonstrated after activation of a strategy.


Effect analysis with TRAFF-X.impact  


Simulate effects on traffic.

Create scenarios of events and measures and compare their impact on traffic using indicators. Your decisions are always documented and traceable.

Definition of a strategy, containing a simple measure
Definition of a strategy, containing a complex measure

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