Traffic management strategies

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Alternative routing, parking guidance strategies, city-compatible routing, value-dependent traffic control according to defined limits - traffic authorities have one primary goal: to be able to react as best as possible to planned - or even unforeseeable - events inside the traffic system.

Great flexibility is also required: dynamic traffic control is the modern way to perform digital cooperative traffic management. It is important to be as well prepared as possible, and to react to special traffic situations with suitable measures quickly. The best thing of course would be to have ready-made strategies at hand, which have been coordinated with everyone in charge - and in the traffic management centers and the various public and commercial data marketplaces. By that, mobility services and service providers can access this information and offer road users the best possible routing, according to the intentions of public administration.

This is not a dream of the future! With preventive traffic management strategies prepared like that, decision-makers achieve not only a situation-appropriate control of traffic, but also increase the transparency of all the coordination procedures behind. All in all, an important further step towards smart mobility.

Furthermore, traffic management strategies are also not only an issue for metropolitan areas or the high-level road network; measures in connection with modal shift and multimodality are of course also relevant for regions with lower traffic loads. In this respect, traffic management strategies make a nationwide contribution to transition of mobility and to reducing CO2 emissions.


What are the challenges in this context?

How can traffic management strategies be coordinated across administrative boundaries and between different building contractors?

How can such traffic management strategy be transparently documented, with all advantages and disadvantages over the long term?

How can planning be carried out in a way that it is independent of the specific technical solution of a traffic management center?

How can the planning results be communicated in a way that they can be used by traffic management centers for switching traffic technology as well as by service providers for navigation?


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Three PRISMA.experTalks deal with those challenges: 


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Friday, 22.10.2021 

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Traffic management strategies – how to plan them

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Friday, 12.11.2021 

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Traffic management strategies – experiences and perspectives

Online event: 
Friday, 26.11.2021 

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