A priority network for freight transport

Truck pilots in Frankfurt Rhein-Main region

In the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region, freight transport on the road is of great importance. In addition to transit traffic, a lot of source-and-destination traffic is generated in the region itself. As a consequence, various, above all municipal, travel restrictions for trucks exist. Navigation devices often provide insufficient information for truck traffic: as a result, trucks end up on roads that are too low-ranking or even get stuck.

Only a pilot can help here! The truck pilot 2.0. Its aim is to steer trucks past sensitive areas and therefore avoid obstructions. It identifies preferred routes, taking into account the road hierarchy and the protection of the population. This happens without issuing new bans, but rather on navigation-based recommendations for truck traffic, so that certain routes are used already from the start: the truck priority network.

Priority network- and truck-relevant signage data for this purpose were therefore created on the basis of Open Street Map and published on the mobility data marketplace. There, they are available for providers of navigation services to take over.

The truck pilot 2.0 offers truck drivers not only an improved basis for their routing, but also useful input on environmental and sustainability goals in existing master plans for the cities of Mainz, Wiesbaden, Offenbach / Main and Darmstadt. It helps those cities to present effective measures in the area of ​​urban logistics for the permanent reduction of NOx pollution.

An effort from local restrictions to regional traffic management: for future-proof, efficient and sustainable mobility!