Bicycle Observatory: It's all a question of type

PRISMA solutions at the pulse of cycling

Cycling is getting political tailwind. This gives importance to the needs of cyclists. Thus many new questions arise, such as: Where and when are how many and which cyclists on the road? Which variables influence cycling? Which cyclists have which demands? Because there is no cyclist like the other. But above all, one question is most important: How can we establish a sustainable cycling culture?

In the “Bicycle Observatory” project, we are committed to answering those questions - in line with the motto “Data Science meets Social and Communication Science”. After all, it is important to implement the most comprehensive measures in order to promote bicycle mobility. Therefore, we cooperated with the interdisciplinary mobility service provider Helios and Salzburg Research, under the direction of the University of Salzburg and supported by eleven national and international knowledge and demand carriers, in a mixed-method approach. We were able to successfully complete this project, which is funded by the BMK (Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology) as part of the “Mobility of the Future” program in September 2020. A short film summarizes four identified types of cyclists and describes their characters.

And which type are you?