Cross-responsibility dynamic road traffic management in the Stuttgart region

PRISMA strategic planning tool in productive use

According to law, it's a task of the Stuttgart Region Association to coordinate and promote regional traffic management. Throughout Germany the State capital Stuttgart and its polycentric surrounding area are known as one of the regions most heavily concerned by traffic jams. Events that are not foreseeable, such as accidents, but also events which can be planned, such as construction sites or announced events, contribute to the tense situation.

However, traffic problems can only be brought under control if traffic management strategies are coordinated across responsibilities between the individual actors in traffic management, and planned according to the current situation. In a lighthouse project, in which funds from the RegioWIN program (ERDF and state) are used, the ground is prepared for the necessary strategic agreements with federal, state, district and municipal authorities, and the basis for comprehensive regional traffic management is established: the imsitutionalization of a joint regional traffic control unit, in which strategies for traffic steering, control and information are developed, coordinated between responsibles and recommended for implementation in a situation-appropriate manner.

Here, digitization has prepared significantly optimized decision-making aids for municipal traffic control and for road users. TRAFF-X®, our modular software platform for cooperative traffic management, fulfills all requirements related to the planning of strategies and their impact analysis. This way, events are not only handled in the best way possible, but also across responsibilities, and are communicated directly to the traffic control unit!

A particularly designed subsystem takes into account the diverse requirements for traffic management strategies within the framework of dynamic traffic management across responsibilities: by installing the so-called "Ringzentrale Region Stuttgart" (covering the "ring" around Stuttgart) tasks are not only carried out professionally and efficiently, but the presentation and documentation of the planning steps is significantly simplified also for external parties. This means that planning and quality assurance processes are implemented in systems which are no longer separated from one another. The actual, operational implementation of the "Ringzentrale Region Stuttgart" is carried out by the Baden-Württemberg mobility center.

Besides the Stuttgart Region Association as coordinating body, as well as participating municipalities and districts, in this pioneering project we are cooperating with AlbrechtConsult, Trafficon - Traffic Consultants and Brilon Bondzio Weiser, the project partner GEVAS for the subsystem "Ringzentrale - Central Operations System" and AVT stoye for the LSA headquarters in the Stuttgart region and the state of Baden-Württemberg.

We are therefore pleased to be able to contribute to a situation-flexible control of the traffic offer and to the creation of a stable traffic flow with a steady network utilization!