Dreams of the future become actual practice with TRAFF-X®

Optimal planning of traffic management strategies with TRAFF-X®

Stimulated by the current COVID19 situation, the past year offered the opportunity to initiate a new format of our communication: the PRISMA.experTalk was created. Your feedback to us shows: our format has proven itself. We are very happy about that - and we will keep at it! Recently we even dedicated an entire experTalk series to the topic of traffic management strategies.

Under the motto "Music of the future?", our introductory event "Traffic management strategies: what they provide" answered fundamental questions: What do you need traffic management strategies for? (And how do you determine whether you need any at all?) And what data can be used and evaluated for this?

The focus on technology and organization was placed on the second experTalk with the topic "Traffic management strategies: how to plan them".

In the third part of the series "Traffic Management Strategies: Perspectives" we were able to show perspectives for the future of cooperative traffic management based on field reports and concrete project examples.

The series recently came to an end with the event "Traffic Management Strategies with TRAFF-X®". Our TRAFF-X® expert Martina Gottschalk, together with Managing Director Stefan Kollarits, demonstrated how TRAFF-X® optimally supports cooperative traffic management and thus modern planning of traffic management strategies works:

  • traffic management strategies can be agreed and coordinated across administrative boundaries and between different construction authorities
  • plans are documented transparently and sustainably
  • planning can be carried out independently of the concrete technical solution of a traffic management center
  • planning results are communicated in such a way that they can be used both by the traffic management center to switch on the traffic technology and by service providers for navigation.

Would you like to find out more about TRAFF-X®? Contact us at info@prisma-solutions.com. Of course, stay tuned to see which topic will be in the PRISMA spotlight next. You will learn more about this soon.