EcoHub optimizes the delivery chain

Innovative "last mile" service in rural areas

We are used to the fact that almost everything is delivered to our doorstep. Delivery services and online trading have not just been booming since the first CORONA spring. Quality demands of customers are increasing, and by that, also expenses for serving the “last mile” , especially in suburban and rural regions. But there, it is not uncommon for delivery to be inefficient and contrary to the goals for the environment, traffic and, ultimately, quality of life.

This is where EcoHub comes in: EcoHubs are so-called white label hubs to which all logisticians deliver and from where shipments are bundled and delivered by e-cargo bike. As part of a study sponsored by the BMK, its feasibility was determined and the profitability of such a concept was also proven. Basing on that, a next step will be to implement a regional pilot project, in order to derive a transferable operator model for other regions.

Efficiency, regionality, environmental friendliness, economic viability and social compatibility are not just buzzwords in EcoHub. The feasibility of EcoHub was demonstrated in an interdisciplinary partnership under the management of myVision network together with Lichtenberger und Partner and the Hebebühne association.