MobiMeter® and TRAFF-X® at the GI_Salzburg22

Making use of PRISMA tools in environmentally sensitive traffic planning

It was awaited for a long time, now it took place again on site with a new name and a fresh design: the GI_Salzburg22, formerly known as AGIT - the largest conference in the German-speaking area on the subject of geoinformation.

And PRISMA was there: in different formats and with our products TRAFF-X® and MobiMeter®. In addition to our participation in a conference session on the topic of "strategy-compliant multimodal routing", TRAFF-X® was presented by Florian Hilti as a solution for the digitization of traffic management strategies. Our strategy planning module "TRAFF-X.plan" served as an example of application.
(TRAFF-X® factsheets and PRISMA demo videos - not only for strategic planning - can be found here!)

A mobility survey with MobiMeter®, carried out during the conference in cooperation with the organizer of the GI_Salzburg, was very well received. This was proven by the reactions and the discussions about our innovative tool for recording and analyzing mobility behavior at the PRISMA EXPO stand. As part of the "GI_journey" initiative, the routes taken by conference guests before and during the conference were recorded.

In the presentation of the results, which was carried out still during the event, Nik Widmann was able to present highly relevant analyzes based on the latest movement data: around three quarters of the participants travel to the conference by public transport, by bike or on foot. The GI_Salzburg thus also lives up to its reputation as a "green event" with regard to the mobility behavior of the participants. This was impressively proven by MobiMeter®!

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