Mödling remains on the fast lane with TRAFF-X®

Construction site management update

The city of Mödling started creating all authority notifications and regulations for work on or next to the road with TRAFF-X®. For this purpose, the requirements for generating documents directly out of the system were created in summer 2020!

TRAFF-X® currently includes construction sites, building material storage, temporary stopping and parking bans, as well as events on the street. In the near future, this technical update will also be available for permitting purposes other than road traffic, e.g. commercial activities and advertising (§82 StVO 1960).

TRAFF-X® is currently used by the municipality in its role as an authority. But a test run is already planned with first construction companies, in order to enable the application with TRAFF-X® as well.

Public should also benefit from technical progress: in the future, a map with all current construction sites will be available to the general public on the city's own homepage. Not only construction sites managed by the city, but also all construction sites organized by the district administration should be included in the system, in order to obtain the most comprehensive picture of the municipality.