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PRISMA.experTalk with a focus on truck traffic

Floods of heavy goods vehicles (HGV), noise pollution, environmental impact: HGV traffic has always been a highly politicised issue. Constantly increasing transport volumes and distances exacerbate its role in the field of tension between first-class supply and a trouble-free traffic flow.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the administration's concern is to enable the control of HGV traffic: on the one hand, this includes avoiding routing through residential areas and vulnerable zones, and on the other hand, from the logistics point of view, optimising costs through planning security and avoiding traffic jams.

As in many areas, the collection and provision of information on HGV traffic data can still be expanded. But the tools for optimised truck traffic management are already there! This was presented by PRISMA Managing Director Stefan Kollarits at the latest PRISMA.experTalk, followed by Rüdiger Bernhard (ivm GmbH), who presented the PRISMA HGV Pilot and its benefits for regional traffic management.

Afterwards, PRISMA Germany Managing Director Florian Hilti demonstrated how easy it is to create HGV priority routes, activate traffic restrictions or even set conditional strategies for HGV traffic with TRAFF-X®. And Christian Kleine from HERE emphasised: Routing providers are ready to take over this data and make it available via their systems. All in all, this is a great opportunity for traffic management to take the next step!

Here you can watch the recording of the experTalk: "Skilfully managing HGV traffic with TRAFF-X®".