Understanding bicycle mobility - promoting cycling in a better way

Interdisciplinary picture of the situation on bicycle traffic, powered by PRISMA

Bicyle mobility affects numerous aspects, from infrastructure to social trends. But the group of cyclists is also diverse in itself - interdisciplinary specialist knowledge and a versatile set of methods are required in order to be able to understand and promote cycling in the best possible way.

The research project "Bicycle Observatory - On the pulse of bicycle mobility" has taken on this challenge and examined bicycle traffic and cyclists themselves in the greater Salzburg region. Together with the agency Helios from Bolzano and the Z_GIS, types of cyclists were first derived from an interdisciplinary approach. PRISMA expertise was required for the development of an integrated situation report: a dashboard, which is based on our product TRAFF-X®, puts the collected data in value in the best possible and prepares analysis results in the form of maps, diagrams and tables.

The spatial reference serves as a common key for the different databases. In this way, cyclists as well as decision-makers receive a reliable overview of bicycle mobility in real time - for example for the analysis of bicycle traffic or implemented and future measures.

But this is not our only BIKE solution. With intelligent PRISMA tools for bicycle traffic coordination, your strategies gain substance and their success becomes visible: https://www.prisma-solutions.com/de/bike-solutions/

The research project Bicycle Observatory was funded by the Austrian Ministry of Climate Protection within the program “Mobility of the Future”.


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