We support road users with UVAR Box

For a better overview in the jungle of urban access restrictions

Local access regulations are increasingly used in European cities. After all, it is about achieving political goals such as air quality, quality of life and reducing traffic congestion. However, no consolidated rules for communication of such provisions exist. Yet!

In August 2020, we started working in order to ensure a better coordination of journeys with the applicable regulations for road users. For this purpose, they need access to information about low-emission zones, parking regulations, congestion regulations, zones with limited traffic or pedestrian zones - ideally harmonized across EU. Because: if the responsible authorities provide digital, precise, current, continuous and interoperable EU-wide traffic information services in real time, these can also be taken into account in vehicle navigation.

This issue is very topical. Therefore, UVAR Box was awarded to our consortium by the European Commission as a pilot project: under the direction of ARMIS, we work in an interdisciplinary team with AlbrechtConsult, AustriaTech, MAPtm, MEMEX, POLIS Network and TRT, as well as with Harrod Booth Consulting , Sadler Consultants and U-Trex as subcontractors.

The two-year project was presented at the Urban Mobility Days 2020, which took place online this year.

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