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Multimodal transport networks with PRISMA MODAL-X solutions

With our solution, you can digitally manage a transport network consisting of roads, railways and waterways. Here, the institutions responsible for infrastructure are also responsible for the decentralized management of the digital database. The digital transport network is the basis for routing tasks and also enables any events to be referenced - using kilometer or other reference systems.


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This enables you to manage the road network as the basis for modern road maintenance.




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Automated driving with PRISMA T-LOGIX solutions

Automated driving is one of our great future prospects and is the subject of extensive R&D activities. This is where highly innovative solutions are created, for which we combine the know-how and experience from our other areas of competence and further develop them in a targeted manner.
The core of those developments is T-LOGIX, the traffic logic module from PRISMA solutions, mapping the legal framework for road traffic.



T-LOGIX solutions, coming soon


This enables automated vehicles to know at all times during the journey what room for manoeuvre they have under road traffic regulations.


This enables intelligent maps for automated vehicles to be generated from traffic sign data.


This is used to check the signs according to the road traffic regulation.



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Use an effective and cost-efficient way to manage infrastructure. Your citizens can process reports easily and your specialist administration benefits from an intelligent system for processing optimization.


This brings you closer to citizens. If you expect more from a reporting platform than just an app for reporting defects, ideas, observations, etc., then you are well served with FEEDBACK - the solution with a background.

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