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Full speed ahead: MobiMeter® surveys in the spotlight.

Recording of travel behavior to and during an international conference


A mobility survey with MobiMeter®, carried out during the conference in cooperation with the organizer of the GI_Salzburg, was very well received. This was shown by the reactions and the discussions about our innovative tool for recording and analyzing mobility behavior at the PRISMA EXPO stand.

As part of the "GI_journey" initiative, the routes taken by conference guests before and during the conference were recorded. In the presentation of results, which was still carried out during the event, Nik Widmann was able to present highly relevant analyzes based on the latest movement data. The GI_Salzburg thus also lives up to its reputation as a "green event" with regard to the mobility behavior of the participants. This was impressively proven by MobiMeter®!

Event partner:
Z_GIS: Universität Salzburg, Fachbereich Geoinformatik

Read about the analysis results

Study on the mobility behavior of passengers of the on-demand service "Hopper" in the district of Offenbach


Since 2019, the "Hopper" has been added to the transport offer in the Offenbach district as an on-demand service with a high degree of flexibility and without a rigid timetable - and has enjoyed a high level of acceptance ever since.

In order to make the service customer-oriented and to further optimize it, the mobility behavior of Hopper customers was surveyed. These questions were in the foreground: What role does the hopper play in customers' everyday mobility? How do users behave when no hopper is available? How can this knowledge be used to acquire new customers?

In order to be able to answer these and other questions, MobiMeter® was used to record and analyze the mobility behavior of Hopper customers.


Kreisverkehrsgesellschaft Offenbach mbH (kvgOF)

Infolink: find detailed information about the "Hopper" here.

Read about the analysis results

Mobility survey in the City of Vienna


The City of Vienna intended to to tailor its mobility offering as closely as possible to the actual needs of the Viennese. To do this, it is necessary to know about people's mobility needs.

The focus of the survey in the big city was on so-called travel chains, e.g. place of residence - workplace - gym - place of residence, as well as the choice of means of transport:
In contrast to conventional surveys, MobiMeter® was able to provide support through the automatic and complete recording of movement data and the identification of the means of transport. The data obtained is now available for modeling the transport demand and will contribute to the optimal conception of the transport offer of tomorrow.

Survey partner:

City of Vienna, urban development and urban planning

Infolink: Call for participants by the City of Vienna


Mobility survey in central Styria


The mobility survey was carried out in autumn 2020. For the analysis, Styria was divided into three structurally different areas: Graz city center, the greater Graz area (without the city center) and Upper, East and Southern Styria (without the Graz area).

Development partner: 

Mobility Lab Graz

Infolink: here you can read about the mobility survey in central Styria, which took place in autumn 2020. 


Take part in further studies on mobility behavior in the future and help plan future mobility offers

MobiMeter® is a tool for measuring and analyzing mobility behavior. MobiMeter® checks the effect of existing traffic measures, creates a database for future planning and identifies factors that influence mobility behavior. The future transport infrastructure, transport policy and mobility offers can thus be better tailored to the needs of their users.

It's as easy as that:

1. Download the app





... and enter the registration code you received for participating in a specific survey.

2. Record your routes automatically

The tracking app records your routes using GPS and smartphone sensors. The app automatically recognizes which means of transport is being used and creates an overview of all your trips in a digital logbook.

3. Answer a few questions

In addition, MobiMeter® requires some mobility-related information to support the analysis of mobility behavior.


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