MobiMeter: current initiatives

Mobility survey kicked off in Styria!

In order to better understand the mobility behavior of the population, a comprehensive mobility survey is currently taking place within the framework of the Urban Mobility Laboratory Graz, in cooperation with the market Institute. A data-based and meaningful planning basis is created in order to be able to adapt future mobility offers to actual needs of the population and thus to support an increase in the attractiveness and efficiency of transport, especially with regard to pedestrian, bicycle and public transport. Here you will soon find update information about the results.

Take part in surveys on mobility behaviour and help to plan future mobility services

MobiMeter is a tool for measuring and analysing mobility behaviour. It creates data bases for planning, examines the effects of traffic measures and identifies factors influencing mobility behaviour. Infrastructure, transport policies or mobility services at events, for example, can be better planned.

And it's as simple as that:

Und so einfach ist es:

1. Download the App


For Android:
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... and enter the registration code that you received for taking part in a specific survey.

2. Record your trips automatically

The tracking app records all your trips by using location service (GPS) and sensors of the smarthphone. The app automatically recognises the modes of transport and provides an overview of all trips and activities of a user as a digital logbook.
Additional questions can also be asked.

3. Answer a few questions

In addition, MobiMeter asks for mobility-relevant personal and household information. This allows comprehensive analyses of mobility behaviour. 

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