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We don't have enough parking space, say business people, tourism professionals and politicians.

No parking spaces there, say vehicle drivers.

But is it really like that? Or is the existing parking space just not optimally used ?

Knowledge about the utilization of parking space is not only relevant for planning purposes, but also for dynamic traffic management. For both purposes, reliable data are required.


The key: innovative parking space management with TRAFF-X.parkinfo. 

TRAFF-X.parkinfo is a module of our PRISMA TRAFF-X® solutions and offers an innovative complete solution for parking space information and management. 


TRAFF-x.parkinfo collects data.

TRAFF-X.parkinfo collects data on the availability of parking space: regardless of whether it is parking spaces, garages, parking decks or street-side parking spaces. In the area of ​​data acquisition, in current projects we are cooperating with our traffic technology partner EBE Solutions. Depending on the situation and the purpose of recording, we always choose the most suitable method: single space recording or entry-exit counting, independence from plants or weather; as a flexible, mobile system as well as permanently installed. You can find out more about data acquisition technology here. Of course, data from existing recording systems can also be integrated via interfaces.


TRAFF-X.parkinfo refines data.

The recorded data is checked and is available for further use. Through a targeted combination of real-time and historical data, real-time forecasts can be calculated for different time points which are lying closer or further in the future. If recording is carried out exactly per parking space, very precise statements are possible: for example, about available parking spaces for the disabled, family parking spaces, up to the occupancy of loading zones along the street side.


TRAFF-X.parkinfo enables traffic control.

The aim of operational parking management is to optimize the use of parking spaces and to minimize traffic with the purpose of looking for a parking space. Therefore, real-time data and forecasts are transmitted to road users via as many channels as possible. This can range from switching of dynamic display boards to public provision of the data (also via the national access point for traffic data), so that the data can be integrated into routing services, navigation systems, smartphone apps, etc. The use of forecast data in pre-trip services also enables a new quality of travel planning.


TRAFF-X.parkinfo supports monitoring of parking space.

If a single space is recorded, the length of time a vehicle remains at the parking space is a further available information. This offers possibilities in the management of short-term parking zones, since in the event that the permitted parking period is exceeded, monitoring bodies can be specifically made aware of such situations. Likewise, in areas where parking is prohibited, it is possible to notify monitoring bodies of potential parking offenders in real-time .


TRAFF-X.parkinfo underpins decisions in traffic management.

Responsible use of public resources requires a reliable basis for decision-making. TRAFF-X.parkinfo helps to understand parking behavior and to describe developments over longer periods of time. Only understanding the present situation enables sustainable planning decisions to be made - both with regard to the provision and management of the parking space as well as search traffic. Within the PRISMA TRAFF-X® solutions, there is a connection to traffic management strategies with TRAFF-X.strategy.


Additionally, TRAFF-X.parkinfo enables …

Reservation of parking space

The connection to a parking space reservation system enables (chargeable) booking of individual parking spaces. Dynamic display boards at the single parking space show current reservations and make it easy to find the reserved parking space. Suitable sensors verify usage and, if necessary, inform parking space supervision bodies.

Restrictions on the use of parking facilities

For parking spaces, parking decks or garages, the use of which is subject to special framework conditions (purchase invoice, public transport ticket, guest card, etc.), the required receipt is verified at the exits. Thanks to linked license plate recognition, it is possible to track potential misuse.

For such additional services, in our current projects we cooperate with EBE SolutionsAPCOA PARKING and ARIVO.

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Techniques of data acquisition

Many years of experience of our traffic technology partner EBE Solutions and the evaluation of different technologies, also in the course of R&D projects, lead to a preferred technology mix with which we meet our high requirements for detection quality in stationary traffic.

Magnetic field sensors are preferably used for single space detection in parking lots as well as for street-side parking. These detectors installed in the road surface are energy self-sufficient and independent of the weather. Depending on the configuration, this technology can be used for marked parking spaces as well as for areas without fixed parking regulations. There are even reliable solutions for unpaved surfaces.

Detection of individual spaces in parking decks and parking garages is preferably carried out using ultrasonic sensors.

If the detection is to be limited to the entrances and exits to systems, magnetic field sensors or induction loops are used, depending on the situation. If necessary, more detailed recordings or additional services can be applied here by using license plate recognition systems.

A special highlight is the detection of loading zones on the street side. Here, not only vacant parking spaces are identified, but also their length. For example, a statement can be made as to whether a free parking space is only suitable for a car or also for a larger truck. This acquisition technology is also available as a mobile system which enables temporary measurements.

Ultimately, the choice of acquisition technology depends not only on the purpose of the acquisition, but also on many, mostly local, conditions: such as structural conditions, power supply, etc. Our traffic technology partner EBE Solutions brings both competence and experience as well as the necessary flexibility to find the best possible solution for every situation.

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