Innovative software for cooperative traffic management.

Traffic management with PRISMA TRAFF-X® solutions

TRAFF-X® is a modular software solution platform for cooperative traffic management in administration.
Designed and used by traffic experts - ranging from user interface and business logic to data management.

Supporting the field of eGovernment and traffic, TRAFF-X forms an important link between administration, traffic control systems and commercial navigation systems. TRAFF-X is therefore an important component of digitization initiatives in the transport sector and is integrated into SmartCity strategies - for the development of tomorrow's mobility!

Discover the PRISMA effect.

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You are responsible for ...

... a smooth traffic flow

... coordination of construction sites and events

... planning and implementation of traffic management strategies


Overview PRISMA TRAFF-X solutions


TRAFF-X® solutions

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Event coordination: This allows you to better coordinate planned events such as construction sites or public events in order to keep traffic impacts as low as possible. An automatic conflict check supports you in this. Scenarios and their traffic effects can also be simulated.

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Event publication: This allows you to merge current traffic messages, supplement them and make them accessible to road users.

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Simulate effects on traffic: This allows you to create scenarios of events and measures and compare their impact on traffic using indicators. Your decisions are always documented and traceable.




Analyze effects on traffic: This allows you to compare and evaluate the effects of measures after a strategy has been activated and can thus demonstrate the effect your traffic management strategies have had on the traffic situation.

View TRAFF-X® application example (German):  
Analysis of effects on traffic 

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Parking space management: This provides you with an innovative package for parking space information. With the help of refined real-time data, you are able to make well-founded planning decisions for stationary traffic.

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Approval procedures: This provides you with a comprehensive and integrated approval system for the efficient processing, approval and administration of projects in public spaces.

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Strategy planning: This enables you to carry out strategy management par excellence: from basic research to the administration of a situation library to the planning, recording and implementation of traffic management strategies. 


View TRAFF-X® application examples (German): 

Create a strategy containing a simple action:

Create a strategy containing a complex action:





Strategy publication: This enables you to communicate traffic management strategies internally, between experts, to the operator and to the road users.

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Application: This is how you report your planned events and applications in a structured form. You get a precise overview of your own plan.

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Planning communication: This enables you to exchange ideas with all parties involved - from planning to implementation.

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Activation: This enables you as the executing company to report the actual start or end date or interruptions of events (mobile application).


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Implementation support: This provides you with ongoing documentation of the life cycle of approved events.


Multimodal transport networks with PRISMA MODAL-X solutions

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With our solution, you can digitally manage a transport network consisting of roads, railways and waterways. Here, the institutions responsible for infrastructure are also responsible for the decentralized management of the digital database. The digital transport network is the basis for routing tasks and also enables any events to be referenced - using kilometer or other reference systems.


MODAL-X solutions

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This enables you to manage the road network as the basis for modern road maintenance.


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