MobiMeter 2021

Mobility can be measured !

In times of the mobility transition, cities and municipalities face old and new challenges. Road infrastructure is immobile and its expandability is limited. Incentives and measures, which can bring about a change in mobility behavior, must be identified. But before you can even implement a single measure in a targeted manner, you have to know and understand current mobility behavior and people's needs.

And there is an innovative method: MobiMeter® .


A PRISMA experTalk took place, focusing on MobiMeter(r): watch it here (language: German)

Evaluation examples - make the best possible use of your data


How does it work ?

  • The app: digitally and without much effort, a tracking app automatically records routes and recognizes the stages and routes, the means of transport used and waiting times. Click here for the app!
  • The evaluation module: it analyzes the aggregated data and generates reliable decision-making bases, presented in the form of reports, diagrams and maps. An exemplary evaluation can be found here
  • The data pool: it allows integration of inventory data and third-party data such as commuter data, social media data, traffic counting data, etc. Thus, already existing data is valorized and new knowledge as well as many additional statements are gained.
  • If necessary, additional mobility-related information is collected by using an online questionnaire.


Get fit for a contemporary way of surveying mobility:

Factsheet for mobility responsibles

Info-Folder for participants


Why MobiMeter® ?

  • Being responsible for infrastructure and mobility issues, you use MobiMeter® for classic mobility surveys and long-term observations: for example for target-group-specific mobility surveys, pre-and-post studies of planning measures or analyzes of mobility decisions, specifically as part of survey campaigns; of course in compliance to all data protection requirements. Future mobility offers and road infrastructure can be planned according to requirements and thus better tailored to the needs of their users!


  • Users, who are curious about their mobility profile, can use MobiMeter® to find out everything about their mobility - for example statistics on their routes and means of transport, as well as their ecological footprint - and at the same time they provide movement patterns to the experts. MobiMeter® eclipses common methods in terms of expressiveness and reliability.


And the details?  Get all the information!


MobiMeter® was developed by PRISMA solutions, with support of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, the Regional Government of Styria and the City of Graz. In Spring 2020, MobiMeter® was presented in the Austrian newspaper of communities: MobiMeter®, TRAFF-X® und Co. (02/2020) Furthermore, MobiMeter® was selected as one of the top 5 in the expert jury evaluation of the VCÖ mobility award 2020!


Interesting on the topic:

The first mobility initiative took place in Graz in autumn 2020.

  • Current initiatives and their results can be found here.


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